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Welcome to Molly's Nest Goa

Molly's Nest you a warm Goan welcome to his natural & hand built herbal huts on the north Goa beach of Mandrem in Pernem district.

What is a beach hut?
A beach hut is a small or of moderate size, at all times wooden and often brightly coloured, accommodation units above the high tide mark on popular bathing beaches in Goa. Beach huts in Goa are commonly used as lodging from the sun or wind, changing into and out of swimming costumes and for the safe storing of some personal belongings.  Many beach huts in Goa provide simple amenities for beach lovers such as conveniences for preparing food and hot drinks by either bottled gas or occasionally mains electricity.


About Beach Huts in Goa
Beach huts in Goa are generally very down to the earth and basic beach rooms provided by the many beach businesspersons on the seaside of Goa. Most of the beach huts in Goa are temporary accommodation’s provided bang on the beach or just a few hundred meters away from the high tide line. Goa beach huts are traditional, economical to stay in and mostly made from natural and perishable materials. Some of the newer beach huts provide ceramic flooring, basic pantry facilities and wooden beds to unwind in. Most of the beach huts are small in size comfortable enough for a couple. Having windows and thatched roof or Mangalore tiled roof. The walls can be of wooden or some natural material. Main advantages of all beach huts are their close proximity to the wonderful beaches of Goa that they are located on.

Advantages of staying in Mollys Nest Beach Cottages / Huts in Goa

  • No Travelling Time to reach to Mandrem Beach

Mollys Beach Huts are bang on Mandrem beach in North Goa. So no more commuting, walking or travelling to reach the beach.

  • Live on the Mandrem, Goa Beach, day & night.

Not a single 5 star hotel can give you an experience of residing on the beach with the sand below your feet and the stars above your head. Tourists who stay in 5 Star Hotels in Goa, they ultimately live in four walled concrete rooms high above the beach or sea level. Guests living with Mollys Nest at Mandrem beach live exactly on the beach in the midst of nature in natural surroundings. For genuine beach lovers, Mollys Nest in Goa provides you, your very own beach nest in Goa.

  • Unlimited Sunrises & Sunsets of Goa Mandrem beach

Living at Mollys Nest Beach Cottages at Mandrem beach in Goa provides you the opportunity of enjoying continuously unlimited Goan beach sunrises and Goa beach sunsets. You will never miss or be late for any spectacular sunsets of Goa during your beach holidays in India.

  • Full Body Sun Tanning at Mollys Nest  in Mandrem

Mandrem beach being in the extreme part of North Goa, so very few locals and Indian tourists frequent this beach. We have free sun beds for our resident guests of Mollys Nest. Within the private common area of our Mollys Nest Beach Huts you can take a full body sun tan without being disturbed by anyone.

  • Eat Seafood regularly on the beaches.

Mollys Nest Beach Cottages have their very own in house beach Shack for the convenience of their beach hut guests. Mollys Nest Beach Shack restaurant is adjacent to Mollys Beach huts at Mandrem beach. If a beach bum is what you are then there can be nothing better than a beach hut, as you can have your breakfast, lunch, wining and dining besides the sea.

  • Swim Regularly on Goa beaches.

Beach huts in Goa are always close to the shore line, so one can have as many dips in the ocean as one pleases. Nature's swimming pool is never far away from any beach hut. Mollys Nest beach accommodation begins immediately after the high tide line of 200 meters from the sea.

  • Have breakfast, lunch & dinner on the beaches of Goa.

Mandrem beach has a wide variety of other beach shack and beach restaurants lined up along the 3.5 kms of Mandrem shore line. Also Mollys Nest Restaurant is open 24 hours day & night bang on the beach.

  • Beach Cottages & Beach Huts in Goa are economical.

Accommodation prices when compared to any other form of holiday accommodation in Goa, beach huts in Goa are the lowest, cheapest and the best when compared to the value of accommodation they provide to the beach lover.

  • Stay in Beach Huts / Cottages is highly romantic in Goa.

Residing in a beach hut in Goa is a down to the earth experience and at the same time is exhilarating for romantic lovers. Couples find it very thrilling to live, love and spend quality time together in the simplest & modest accommodation that a beach hut or beach cottage can offer.

  • Staying in Beach Hut in Goa is Spiritual

Many wealthy and high net worth individuals love to live in beach huts, for the modest fashion of living. After living in luxurious lifestyles with lots of stress coming along with it, many people are counselled to take a break and enjoy a holiday the humble way, the beach hut way. A beach hut being basic with nominal luxuries helps people to connect with nature and the simple things in life. So living in a beach hut in Mollys Nest in Goa is spiritual too.


The tiny state of Goa is blessed with a coastal shoreline of 105 kms which boasts of more than 72 plus individual beaches. One of the best and beautiful beach of Goa is Mandrem beach. Mollys Nest Beach cottages and Beach huts are located bang on Mandrem Beach. Get in touch with us today to book your beach hut or beach cottage in Goa.

Beach Shack Restaurant

We have a Mollys Beach Shack Restaurant bang on Mandrem Beach. We are always open to serve our customers palate. Starting from early Sunrise Breakfasts, Afternoon Lunch & Brunch, Starters & Snacks, Early evening eats, Sunset Dinner, Midnight meals and for your hunger pangs in between. Mollys Beach Shack Restaurant is open for business from early morning to late night. So guests of Mollys Beach Cottages can wine & dine at any time on Mandrem Beach in North Goa. Our beach restaurant on Mandrem beach is a Multi-Cuisine shack restaurant. Our Specialities are Italian, Continental, India, Chinese, Tandoori (charcoal oven), Barbeque, Choice of fresh seafood (catch of the day fresh from the sea) and also Bar service for drinks/cocktail.

Bamboo Beach Huts

All the beach cottages & beach huts of Mollys Nest Cottages on Mandrem Beach are made of natural & replenish able Bamboo material. Bamboo material is natural, herbal and has best cooling properties for keeping out the heat and providing ventilation. Knowledgeable people prefer bamboo accommodation in the rural tropical areas where temperature is high in summer. In Goa all along the coastline, people still construct bamboo cottages to avoid heat and to enjoy cool air especially on the beaches of Goa.

Mollys Nest Yoga Classes
We can provide shaded platform for Yoga activities and Yoga Meditation classes for its resident guests. As depicted in the yoga picture, Mollys Nest organizes Yoga classes on demand. We arrange and provide separate shaded area for performing the art of yoga peacefully and calmly around Mollys Nest Beach Cottages & Mollys Nest Beach Shack Restaurant. We have on call, Yoga Practioners and Yoga Teachers who can provide daily yoga classes for those interested. Yoga classes at Mollys Nest Beach Huts in Mandrem beach are organized and arranged only for long stay guests and on sufficient demand. Please inquire for this Yoga facility at Mollys.